HP Printer Toll Free Number

With reliable services HP printers comes with various issues like paper jam, ghosting, installing the driver, choosing the best driver and many more. Whenever there is any problem, the printing comes to halt. Hence, it is very important that you tackle all these issues within short interval of time. You will need expert hands for doing so and you can receive that when you call in HP printer toll free number. As the number is toll free that means you will not have to pay for the call and you can explain the problem in detail to our executives they will further resolve all the issues.

Problems and related solutions:

  • 4 error message: This message usually applies in HP laser jet printers. HP customer service team helps you to solve this error message. It indicates that the problem is with the power supply. This problem arises when the printer is connected to a UPS. In that situation you have to disconnect it from a power strip and plug it directly into a wall outlet. This will solve the problem if it does not solve the issue then call HP printer troubleshooting team for help.
  • Not printing from expected tray: When you find that the printer is not printing from the expected paper tray then you will have to call in HP printer technical support  number and take help of expert technicians. For solving this issue, you have to first of all find out whether the application is set to print to the wrong paper tray. If it is so then you have to correct it within the application by clicking on printer properties and finding the tray. If you are unable to do it then you can take help of HP printer help

    hp printer toll free number

  • Error of 79: This error message may disturb you a lot without worrying you should immediately take help of HP printer support This arises especially when there is problem with the network print server that services the printer. For solving this you have to first open the printer folder from the start menu, there on the print server make sure that there are no jobs pending. In this step HP printer customer care team helps you. It can also be an indication that there is failure of a printer add-on component. Whenever you are in this problem you should immediately contact us through HP printer toll free number.
  • Selecting the driver: Every operating system has its updates in the same time you will have to find the update for your printer driver. For this job you can call us via our HP printer support number. You can also solve this issue by taking help of printer manual. You have to choose that driver that emulate with your operating system that you are using. The HP driver support helps you to choose the best suitable driver for your operating system.

Though there are many more issues but these are some of the most complicated issues. These problems have to be resolved within short interval of time. This would be possible only when you take help of expert technicians by calling in HP printer toll free number.